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March to Axis

Items have ben added

Industry City Patrol is there

And so is the loot! New medals and new artifacts, yay!

New heroes

Magneto and the Juggernaut have been added to the hero list.

New artifacts and uniques

Item lists were updated with new uniques:

  • Cobra's Hood
  • Kraven's Lion Vest
  • Fire Giant's Sword

And new artifacts

  • Shark Figurine
  • Lizard's Formula
  • Hyde's Formula
  • Polar Bear Figurine
  • Rhinoceros Figurine
  • Monkey Figurine

Waiting for Rogue?

You cannot play her on the live server, but at least you can start entering which uniques, artifacts and medallions are Best in Slot for her!

Medallion list

I think this will be the last page of this type. So if you wonder if you should can free some space in your inventory or keep a bunch of cosmic medallions, now you should get the answer pretty fast.

New pages: useful uniques and artifacts

Please contribute to the collaborative list of all any hero uniques and artifacts.

It will help everyone decinding if they should vendor their Mechanical Arms of Doc Octopus or keep 10 copies of Girdle of Frost Giant Strength in their inventory!

New page: item recycling

I tried to sum up all you can do with your items: trading, recycling, upgrading.

Everything in a single table. Feel free to point any mystake or missing information. 

New search feature

You can now perform a search and get a list of all the skills having a particular string in the bonus they grant.

The search box is the top item of the right menu.

Omega skills database almost 50% complete

Thanks to everyone who submitted content and corrections. 5 of the 8 sections are now complete.
I've added a few progressbars that will reflect the status of the database is real-time.

  • Neural Enhancement: 17/17
  • Arcane Attunement: 16/16
  • Special Weapons Support: 0/27
  • Radioactive Origins: 15/15
  • Nanotechnology: 14/14
  • Human Augmentation: 0/18
  • Psionics: 0/32
  • Molecular Adjustment: 10/10
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