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In-game build tips with Overwolf companion

Get it here:

Happy new year

I've added missing items from Danger Room and latest characters.
I have not been able to buy the last 3 characters so I will let you input your own builds.

Update of ultron related items

Also check the signature generator!

Added War Machine and artifacts from past event (Limbo)

I might run a small contest in order to encourage visitors to contribute to unique/artifacts recommendations.
What's better than a GotK? 2?

A.R.M.O.R event

I just added the new uniques and artifacts from the event.

New feature on unique, artifact and medal lists

You can now attach a build to an item recommendation.
Use the build number from and the build summary will appear when you mouse over the hero's name:

Server status pushbullet alert

I was bored so I played a little bit with php, PushBullet API and put together a script that will check for the server status and update a dedicated pushbullet channel. If you don't have an account, you can login with your Google ID. Give it a go!


Ant-man has been added.

Item recycling is being reworked/updated. Feedback welcomed!

May Update

Added Vision, upcoming Dr Doom and a bunch of artifacts/unique items.

Please report any missing items on this thread.

Long time no see

I was AFK for a few month and just added Iceman, She-Hulk and Winter-Soldier to the hero list.

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